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The Junior Soccer Team of the Sport Association of Baracs is making successful, steady progress in the tournaments for years

Multisteel Hungary Kft, involved in the metal industry and steel structure manufacturing, has been sponsoring a soccer team for years in Baracs, a settlement near Dunaújváros, and not long ago the youngsters played against Rácalmás on their home field.

The match was played in the U15 age group. They played full out, concentrating on the win.

This had its rewards, the Baracs team won 9-0. Aside from the player’s hard work, the coach’s motivation also played a role in the win.

The team’s coach at the Sport Association of Baracs have been coaching young teams for 12 years, with excellent results:

  • 2012-2013, winners of the U13 soccer tournament in Fejér county (unbeaten)
  • Soccer cup winner at the Pureco-Liver International Junior Tournament, winning also the best goalkeeper title
  • 2013-2014 winners of the U14 soccer tournament in Fejér county (unbeaten)
  • Defending their cup at the Puerco-Liver tournament and again winning the title for the best goalkeeper, given to Lóránt Hompót
  • 2013-2014 Futsal championship in Pest county, champions of Fejér county, then 5th in the country.

They were able to outperform several associations, who were only focused on the Futsal. They have also won great places on several prestigious soccer tournaments, often outperforming the Junior NB 1 team.

We congratulate you and wish you great success in reaching your results!

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