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Manufacturing parking canopies in Dunaújváros for Hamburger Hungaria LTD

Hamburger Hungária előtető gyártás Dunaújváros

Our company, Multisteel Hungary Kft successfully finished the manufacture and the on-site installation of the parking canopies made for the Hamburger Hungaria LTD in Dunaújváros. We manufactured two canopies in two sizes, 5x20 meters and 5x5 meters.

Since the bigger canopy is only supported by three pillars, we needed to do build a serious foundation. While building the foundation we needed groundwork by hand as well as by machines. We also needed to build a ferroconcrete structure. At the basis points we used 10m3 c16 quality concrete, reinforced with a ferroconcrete net. The frame structure of the canopies were made in our prefabrication workshop. Their surface is galvanized and painted.

During the on-site installation, we lifted the manufactured steel structure on the finished ferroconcrete basis points with an auto crane. Then we installed the trapeze sheet roofing, in a unique RAL color. The job was finished with installing the necessary rain pipes.

Creating the plans for the canopies (large area, three pillars) gave a challenge to our architects, but thanks to our well-prepared professionals, we were able to successfully solve the problem. The manufacturing and installation of the steel structure went without a hiccup.

We thank our client, Hamburger Hungaria LTD for this new job and we thank our colleagues for their outstanding work!

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