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Manufacturing a Pipe Bridge for Hamburger Hungaria LTD

Multisteel Hungary manufacturing a pipe bridge

In great competition and with short manufacturing and installation deadlines, our company successfully won a galvanized steel structure manufacturing and installation job.

The job was a galvanized pipe bridge, weighing 36 tons with a tension length of 26 meters. The total length of the pipe bridge was 40 meters.

The planning, static calculations and product design was all done by our company’s engineers.

After the plans were finished, we manufactured the steel structure elements in our prefabrication workshop. After the quality control, we had them galvanized. After the galvanization, we pre-assembled the elements in our pre-fabrication workshop, and we carried the semi-assembled elements on site with trucks.
While adhering to the safety regulations, after creating the lift plan, we finished the assembly on-site with one 75 ton auto crane.

Then came the very exciting part:

Lifting the structure to its final position. For this we used two 100 ton auto cranes, that lifted the complete structure, with great precision and attention, while working in total unison. We also used personal scissor lifts and folding arm lifts, to finish the structure’s assembly.

After lifting the pipeline to its place, our colleagues fastened the hot dip galvanized fasteners, and finished the fastening with our high fastening machines.

We created a safe walking surface with hot dip galvanized Ferroste grating, and installed safety railings manufactured by our company.

Despite the short deadline, the job was done in excellent quality and safety.

We thank our Client for their repeated trust, and work.

We thank our colleagues for their long-lasting and precise work.

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