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  • HVAC Technology
  • Machinery Installation
  • Spiral Staircase, Railings
  • Factory Plant Maintenance
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  • Pressure Holding Vessels Manufacturing and Installation

Technological Pipe Construction

Technológiai csőszerelés

Company throughout the technology industry installed pipe systems, so we are at home in all sectors. Even the highest demands of the food itself, the pharmaceutical industry and power plants are competent technology solutions related to piping.

Our main activities of the industrial pipe installation includes all the nominal diameter and nominal pressure which the P-91 heat resistant steel to the highest quality stainless steel material for all your needs from.

The following fields are references that are a few times we have done subcontracting.

Industry reference domains

  • Powerhouses,
  • Turbines,
  • Oil industry,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Food industry,
  • Paper industry,
  • Chemical industry.
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