• Steel Structure Manufacturing and Construction
  • Factory Plant Maintenance
  • Spiral Staircase, Railings
  • Welding Technology
  • HVAC Technology
  • Pressure Holding Vessels Manufacturing and Installation
  • Masonry, Painting and Scaffolding Works

Transportation, Installation and Initialization of Industrial machineries

Our company undertakes moving, installing and instrumental adjusting of industrial equipments, machineries, tanks, vessels and pumps as well as designing of machine foundations and commissioning. Examining the condition of the industrial equipments and later repairing them if it needed. Of course we have the necessary instruments and tools to complete these kind of tasks.


  • Bearing vibration diagnostics and analization,
  • Shaft setting,
  • Pumps and motors thermal imaging survey of state,
  • Pumps and motors renovation,
  • Tank condition check and wall thickness measurement,
  • Pressure and leak testing of pipe networks and pressure vessels.
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Törkő István

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