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  • Concrete Cutting and Drilling
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Concrete Cutting and Drilling

Betonvágás és Betonfúrás Dunaújvárosban

Our new featured services are the cutting and drilling of concrete materials and walls which we offer to our clients as a unique provider not only in Dunaujvaros but in Hungary as well. During reconstruction of the buildings in the conversion of one of the most challenging tasks working with concrete walls and other concrete structures are cutting and drilling.

Concrete cutting and drilling services

  • Cutting of concrete and reinforced concrete materials, breakdown HILTI diamond disc cutter,
  • Making holes in concrete and reinforced concrete structures design,
  • Window and door opening cuts and dilation of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick walls,
  • Wall cutting in a tight or hard to reach places,
  • Renovation of the facade and balcony cutting reinforced concrete structures.

Professional tools and equipments

  • HILTI Diamond Sawing DST-10 E,
  • HILTI DD350 core drilling Foot Vacuum,
  • HILTI DDEC1 wet core drill machine,
  • HILTI VC 60-U Universal vacuum cleaner,
  • HILTI DSH900 Nitro manual disc cutting machine,
  • REMS Picus S2 / 3.5 Electric diamond core drilling machine,
  • Wacker Neuson BFS 1345 gasoline concrete cutter.

Concrete cutting and drilling concrete reference sites

The main area of our operation, not only in Fejér county and Budapest, but practically the whole territory of Hungary whereas we regularly perform concrete cutting, concrete drilling and orders relating to building components machining. 

Contact person: 

Törkő István

  • Törkő István
Ügyvezető Igazgató / Műszaki Igazgató
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