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Concrete Cutting and Drilling

Betonvágás és Betonfúrás Dunaújvárosban

Allow us to introduce you to one of the main activities of our company, which will help you to realise your projects from solid foundations to the heights. Concrete drilling and concrete cutting are essential parts of construction works that require precision and expertise. We, Multisteel Hungary Kft., with our expert team and state-of-the-art technologies, guarantee a perfect result in every single job.

You can find our list prices at this link: https://multisteelhungary.hu/sites/default/files/documents/betonfuras_vagas_listaar_2022.pdf

One of the most challenging tasks in building renovation is the machining or cutting and drilling of reinforced concrete walls and other concrete structures for any purpose.

Why trust us?

  • We have years of experience in concrete drilling and cutting, so you can be sure that we will provide you with the best.
  • Our state-of-the-art machinery and techniques allow us to handle even the most difficult jobs with ease.
  • We always put the unique needs of your projects first and strive to find solutions to every challenge.
  • With our competitive prices and transparent budget planning, we guarantee a return on your investment.

Our concrete cutting and drilling services

  • Cutting and demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete materials with HILTI diamond disc cutting machine.
  • Drilling holes in concrete and reinforced concrete structures.
  • Cutting and widening of window and door openings in concrete, reinforced concrete and brick walls.
  • Cutting of walls in narrow or inaccessible places.
  • Cutting reinforced concrete structures for renovation of facades and balconies.

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Professional tools and equipments

  • HILTI Diamond Sawing DST-10 E,
  • HILTI DD350 core drilling Foot Vacuum,
  • HILTI DDEC1 wet core drill machine,
  • HILTI VC 60-U Universal vacuum cleaner,
  • HILTI DSH900 Nitro manual disc cutting machine,
  • REMS Picus S2 / 3.5 Electric diamond core drilling machine,
  • Wacker Neuson BFS 1345 gasoline concrete cutter.

Concrete cutting and drilling concrete reference sites

The main area of our operation, not only in Fejér county and Budapest, but practically the whole territory of Hungary whereas we regularly perform concrete cutting, concrete drilling and orders relating to building components machining. 

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Why choose a HILTI concrete cutter?

For the construction industry, it is clear that Hilti is a leader not only in the industry but also in building maintenance. It develops and sells top quality products to its partners.

HILTI DST 10-E Concrete Wall Cutter Advantages

The HILTI concrete wall cutter is the ideal wall cutter for small to medium sized jobs, cutting up to 38 cm depth. It has an exceptionally compact wall cutting system that does not require a separate power supply box.

Its maximum cutting power of 16 amps power supply provides a depth of cut of up to 38 cm.

Quick to transport and set up on site thanks to the transport trolley and built-in electronics.

Application of the concrete wall cutter

  • Cutting and widening window and door openings in concrete
  • Cutting walls in narrow or difficult to access places
  • For renovating facades and balconies

Advantages of HILTI DD 350 Diamond drill

The HILTI diamond drill rig operates in an optimal power range with LED power indicators for peak performance and longer drill bit life. High performance and light weight construction equipment.

In addition, its quick-connect chuck system allows tool-free replacement of core drills. The drill indicator provides a warning when maintenance is due, reducing downtime and helping to avoid costly repairs. Drilling can be carried out in adverse conditions thanks to the water-cooled protection of the drill bit.

Application of the diamond concrete drilling device

  • Through holes and breakthroughs
  • Bag holes for placing dowels or steel inserts
  • Corner holes for cutting
  • Manhole drilling
  • Series-core drilling for cable tray placement

Advantages of HILTI DD EC-1 Diamond drill

The diamond drill effectively drills through rebar, but is also versatile as it can drill through various types of steel reinforced concrete and even marble etc. It is an automatic unit with electronic water management (pump and suction functions are automatically switched on/off together with the drill control switch). It has a built-in drilling mud extraction system, which ensures virtually dust and wet debris-free operation. It works without hammer drilling with reduced noise pollution.

Application of the diamond drill

  • Precise drilling of dowel and through holes from 8 to 35 mm
  • Dowel placement with less noise (renovations in hospitals, commercial and residential buildings)
  • Dowel placement with percussion-free drilling (marble, natural stone, masonry, tiles)

Advantages of HILTI VC 60-U Universal vacuum cleaner

  • Equipped with dual turbine and filter cleaning technology for consistent and exceptionally good suction performance
  • With push handle, sturdy trolley and large wheels for optimal mobility on site
  • New tank design for easy sludge or dust removal
  • Total maximum dust pick-up up to 65 kg
  • Water level sensors and floats help protect the turbine from overfilling

Main application area of the dust extractor

  • Sludge removal for wet core drilling and cutting
  • Dust removal for drilling, grooving, grinding, cutting and dry core drilling

REMS Picus S2/3.5 Electric diamond core drill - advantages

Powerful and easy to use electric core drill, e.g. in concrete, reinforced concrete, all types of masonry, natural stone, asphalt, screed. For dry and wet drilling, guided with drill rig.

The REMS core drill is the ideal tool because thanks to its universal use, the desired task can be solved simply, quickly and without vibration by core drilling instead of chiselling.

The electric diamond core drill is suitable for dry or wet drilling, with manual guide or with drill rig. It can be used anywhere, can be easily fixed in tight corners. Highly versatile and powerful for drilling e.g. reinforced concrete, masonry and other materials. For pipelines and cable ducts, ventilation ducts, central drilling.

Wacker Neuson BFS 1345 petrol concrete cutter

One of the best performers in asphalt and concrete cutting is the Wacker Neuson 1345 petrol gap cutter with its first-class cutting performance. The concrete cutter is up to 20% faster than comparable machines because the Wacker Neuson BFS 1345 delivers the highest cutting speeds with a smooth running action.

This is due to the efficient matching of the torque on the diamond disc of the gap cutter and the centre of gravity above the cutting shaft.

The advantages of petrol concrete cutting equipment

  • The lightest in its category.
  • Highest cutting speed with smooth running.
  • Excellent traction thanks to the extremely solid frame and ball bearing wheels.
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting depth (Max. cutting depth 195 mm)
  • Disc diameter: 350 - 500 mm
  • First class cutting performance: up to 20% faster than comparable machines.
  • Features the largest water tank in its class.
  • Unobstructed water supply from an external source via the Gardena water connection.

Concrete cutting and drilling reference sites

Our main area of operation is not only Fejér county and Budapest, but practically all over Hungary we regularly carry out concrete cutting, concrete drilling and building element processing orders.

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