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  • Construction Works
  • HVAC Technology
  • Steel Structure Manufacturing and Construction
  • Masonry, Painting and Scaffolding Works
  • Machinery Installation
  • Spiral Staircase, Railings

About our Company

Multisteel Hungary Kft

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Multisteel Hungary Kft is a company operating successfully in Hungary and abroad. Its headquarters are located in Budapest, its office and 1000m2 prefabrication facility in Dunaújváros.

The main activity of our company is technological assembly, which includes the production of acid-resistant carbon steel, P91 heat resistant steel, plastic pipe systems and industrial equipment, their delivery, installation, instrumentation and commissioning, as well as factory and building maintenance.

Due to our highly skilled staff, who use almost all the technologies available in Hungary, our company has acquired a high level of experience in these fields. Constant technical changes are also a challenge for our company, which we are always happy to take on.

Thanks to the constant growth of Multisteel Hungary Kft., we have been able to develop a modern infrastructure, economic stability and good working conditions, which continue to ensure the operation and development of the company.

Long-term relationships have been established with our suppliers, which allows us to obtain the materials needed for the installation quickly and in good quality, thus guaranteeing high quality standards and the respect of deadlines.

If you think you have a common interest with our company, please contact us.

Looking forward to a successful cooperation!

“The biggest danger is not setting the bar too high and not achieving it, but setting it too low and achieving it.”


Multisteel Hungary Kft | H-2400 Dunaújváros, Papírgyári út 42-46. | Tel.: +36-25-281-378
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