• Construction Works
  • Spiral Staircase, Railings
  • Factory Plant Maintenance
  • Concrete Cutting and Drilling
  • HVAC Technology
  • Masonry, Painting and Scaffolding Works
  • Welding Technology

Full Servce Implementation of Construction Works

Építőipari munkák teljeskörű kivitelezése

Over the years, in response to requests from our existing clients, we have also undertaken to carry out full construction contracts, now integrally linked to our core activities, in order to provide a complete service to our clients.

Our company deals with a wide range of general construction works in the area of Dunaújváros and in the municipalities of Hungary. Our main task is to provide our customers with accurate, precise and efficient work. 

Our skilled, partner and solution-oriented staff have proven their professional performance and commitment in the field of mechanical engineering.

What are the benefits of choosing us?

  • With us, you can get your work done at an affordable price!
  • We are flexible and fast in dealing with the tasks to be solved.
  • We work with reliable equipment, tools and machinery.

Because with us EVERYTHING will be fine!

What do we offer?

Turn-key construction and renovation of family houses, renovation of condominiums and renovation of factory buildings and warehouses. From the groundwork to the handover of the turnkey house, we offer a full range of general construction services, including design, static drawings, water, gas, heating and electrical planning, as well as architectural work (foundations, masonry, plastering), building services maintenance, building services consulting and advice.

Our construction works services


  • Demolition of existing buildings and structures
  •  Pre- and post-construction site clearance
  •  Trenching
  •  Excavation, removal of gravel
  • Other manual earth-moving work

Formwork, scaffolding

  • Formwork work for building walls
  • Formwork for slabs
  • Formwork for parts of buildings, bridges
  • Formwork for stairs
  • Scaffolding of facades
  • Erection of timber scaffolding
  • Erection of aluminium scaffolding

Concreting and reinforced concrete installation works

  • Concreting work for walls
  • Concreting work for slabs
  • Concreting work for piers
  • Concreting work for foundations
  • Placement and installation of structural elements
  • Manufacture and installation on site of reinforced concrete structures

Masonry, plastering and dry construction works

  • Construction of main walls and partition walls of brick, masonry and ytong materials
  • Plastering work (mechanical and manual plastering)
  • Construction of plasterboard partition walls, false ceilings, partitions

Roof covering

  • Construction of new roof (using tiles, shingles, rheinzink, plywood, trapezoidal sheeting)
  • Insulation works on flat roofs
  • Roof renovation
  • Roof repairs
  • Renovation and refurbishment of roof spaces

Tiling work

  • Cold tiling: laying of floor tiles, tiles, resin coatings
  • Hot tiling: laying carpets, parquet, tiled floors


  • Design and construction of rainwater drainage systems.
  • Design of flashings, tin edging and skirting
  • Complete execution of thermal insulation and tinning works for industrial pipelines

Manufacture and installation of roofing structures

  • Design, manufacture and installation of industrial steel structures
  • Design and construction of building structures, parts of buildings and elements
  • Design and construction of canopies
  • Design and installation of stairs
  • Manufacture and installation of fences, grilles
  • Design and installation of railings

Painting and preparation work

  •  Preparation (smoothing, sanding, deep priming) and painting of interior and exterior surfaces


  • Execution of thermal insulation works on facades
  •  Insulation of interior and exterior surfaces
  • Insulation of industrial zones

Electricity supply and installation

  •  Design, supply and installation of solar collector system
  • Installation of electricity lines and consumers
  • Construction of electricity network extension
  • Industrial electrical installation
  • Lightning protection
  • Conducting and documenting contact protection tests

Design, installation, construction and commissioning of building services systems, solar collectors and equipment

  • Design, supply and installation of solar collector systems for heating and domestic hot water.
  • Water network works
  • Construction works for gas and heating networks
  • Design and construction of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Construction work for utility and drainage systems
  • Installation of consumers, meters and fittings

Our technological background

We have a full range of machinery to carry out all the work.

  • Atlas crawler excavators.
  • Atlas front loader
  • Bobcat mini excavator
  • Bobcat mini front loader
  • MAN dump truck
  • Snorkel boom lift
  • Hilti leveling lasers
  • Hilti concrete cutters and concrete core drills
  • Rems concrete core drills
  • Facade and aluminium scaffolding
  • Wacker asphalt cutters
  • Wacker plate vibrators
  • Wacker tamping jacks
  • Concrete mixers, needle vibrators
  • Formwork systems
  • Hilti,Berner, Makita chisels
  • Hilti, Berner, Makita, boring machines
  • Makita hand shakers
  • Hilti laser levelers and height and distance meters
  • Compressors
  • Welding machines
  • Prefabrication workshop

Reference sites for the full range of industrial construction works 

Our main area of operation is not only Fejér County and Budapest, but practically all over Hungary we regularly carry out full-service construction works.

  • Balatonfüred: completion of a semi-detached house
  • Szabadbattyán: reconstruction and reconstruction works of a family business and a family house
  • Dunaújváros paper mill renovation, extension of floor duct
  • Dunaújváros paper mill pump foundations
  • Dunaújváros paper mill pump house construction works (monolithic concrete structure)
  • Key: Paving of family house, construction of fence, construction of sewage network, construction of storage, external paving, construction and installation of electric gates
  • Mezőfalva: Paving of a family house
  • Baracs: Construction and paving of a storm water drainage system for a family house
  • Nagyigmánd: partial renovation of factory and warehouse buildings, demolition of parts of buildings
  • Szabadegyháza: Renovation works of warehouse and factory building
  • Renovation works of condominiums in Dunaújváros Pipelines, architectural works.
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