• HVAC Technology
  • Construction Works
  • Pressure Holding Vessels Manufacturing and Installation
  • Steel Structure Manufacturing and Construction
  • Concrete Cutting and Drilling
  • Masonry, Painting and Scaffolding Works
  • Machinery Installation

Full Servce Implementation of Construction Works

Építőipari munkák teljeskörű kivitelezése

The company over the years among the existing customers in response to the request of the person involved to undertake activities realated to the full range of construction orders to fulfillment, so that we can provide a complete service to our customers.

  • Complete construction work for buildings,
  • Manual and mechanical excavation,
  • Concrete installation and performance of concrete tasks,
  • Masonry construction using different building materials and paints,
  • Thermal insulation and plastering with scaffolding,
  • Coating and laying of pavements,
  • Tiling with paging,
  • Pipelines, steel structures required by sanding painting,
  • Preparation of different resins,
  • Base plates and finish preparing of pump funds .
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Sári Árpád
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