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Welding Technology

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Our qualified colleagues have years of experience in the field of welding techniques. They have required welding certifications, fire protection specialist examination and appropriate welding equipment with raw materials to perform the work.

High-temperature steel and solid carbon steel materials welding

  • TIG welding and TIG combined welding,
  • Electrode welding,
  • Metal-arc welding (CO or CO2 or mixed gas),
  • Welding and flame welding procedure,
  • Various studies have seamless visual, penetration, ultrasound, x-ray examination Welders can help to qualify the preparation as well.

Stainless and acid-resistant materials welding

  • TIG welding and TIG combined,
  • MMA welding (electrode),
  • MIG welding (CO or CO2 or mixed gas) procedure, the following material grades: 1.4301; 1.4571; 1.4541; 1.4404

Aluminum Welding

  • TIG welding,
  • MIG arc welding (CO or CO2) method.

ABS plastic welding and bonding materials

  • We can undertake a variety of plastic welding to piping is butt weld procedure and electrofitting.
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