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Our latest news

Learn the latest technical information on the steel industry and in connection other industrial fields published by Multisteel Hungary Ltd.

Manufacturing a firewater system at the new powerplant of Hamburger Hungaria


Multisteel Hungary Kft started manufacturing a firewater system for Hamburger Hungaria Ltd. We started the work 2 months ago, and our experts are still manufacturing the firewater system.

Manufacturing parking canopies in Dunaújváros for Hamburger Hungaria LTD

Hamburger Hungária előtető gyártás Dunaújváros

Our company, Multisteel Hungary Kft successfully finished the manufacture and the on-site installation of the parking canopies made for the Hamburger Hungaria LTD in Dunaújváros.

The Junior Soccer Team of the Sport Association of Baracs is making successful, steady progress in the tournaments for years

Multisteel Hungary Kft, involved in the metal industry and steel structure manufacturing, has been sponsoring a soccer team for years in Baracs, a settlement near Dunaújváros, and not long ago the youngsters played against Rácalmás on their home field.

The match was played in the U15 age group. They played full out, concentrating on the win.

This had its rewards, the Baracs team won 9-0. Aside from the player’s hard work, the coach’s motivation also played a role in the win.

Restoring the airplane supportive fixture at the Dunaferr Flying Club

Restoring the airplane supportive fixture at the Dunaferr airfield

A 6-os út Dunaújváros és Kisapostag közötti szakaszának, egyik látványossága a Dunaferr Repülő Klub bejárata előtt lévő MIG-15 -ös repülőgép. Ez a típus a Magyarország első sugárhajtású repülőgépeinek egyike volt. A vadászrepülőgép 1977-ben lett a Kisapostag-Baracsi reptér ékes dísze, így a több mint 37 év alatt, igen csak rászolgált a felújításra. A rekonstrukció két hétig tartott. Ez idő alatt restaurálásra került a vadászrepülőgép is, valamint a repülő gépet tartó acélszerkezetet is.

Manufacturing stainless steel containers for IMH Kft

Manufacturing stainless steel containers in Dunaújváros

During this job, we manufactured three containers. One with a 2.5 m3 capacity, and two with a 3.5 m3 capacity. We installed mixing tip and drive connection points in all of them.

The containers were double walled. The external wall (which serves the heating and cooling of the container) was made from 1.4301 quality sheets and the internal wall was made from 1.4571 quality sheets. It took us three weeks, and the help of several of our professionals and engineers to manufacture the containers.  

Concrete Cutting and Drilling

Betonvágás és Betonfúrás Dunaújvárosban

Allow us to introduce you to one of the main activities of our company, which will help you to realise your projects from solid foundations to the heights. Concrete drilling and concrete cutting are essential parts of construction works that require precision and expertise. We, Multisteel Hungary Kft., with our expert team and state-of-the-art technologies, guarantee a perfect result in every single job.

You can find our list prices at this link: https://multisteelhungary.hu/sites/default/files/documents/betonfuras_vagas_listaar_2022.pdf

One of the most challenging tasks in building renovation is the machining or cutting and drilling of reinforced concrete walls and other concrete structures for any purpose.

Manufacturing the plastic technological pipeline system for the PET bottle manufacturing factory in Belgium

Pipe fitting in Belgium

During this job we built a 120 meter long plastic technological pipeline in d110, d90, d75, d63, d50 and d40 sizes. When the pipeline needed to change direction, we used glueable ABS plastic profiles. We established the connection between the pipeline and the profiles with glue, while adhering to the strict technological requirements. We installed shut-off valves, ball valves, pressure gauges and controllers in the pipeline.

Our presentation brochure has been updated

Web presentation of Multisteel Hungary Lfd 2014

Our web presentation and brochure has been updated in an extended version for our existing customers and prospective clients. It presents our wide range of experience and appropriate knowledge on the following industry fields such as:

Manufacturing Custom Hydrants with Dividing Heads

Manufacturing custom hydrants with dividing heads in Dunaújváros

Our client, the Hamburger Hungaria LTD in Dunaújváros, asked us to manufacture the firewater system for a power plant that is built from a new investment, with cutting edge technology. Manufacturing the custom hydrants with dividing heads were a part of this project.

We created the hydrants from a 219 mm, seamless steel pipe. The welds were made by our certified welder colleague with AWI technology, with great precision, while still keeping the deadline. For quality insurance, we made penetration tests on the welds.


Concrete drilling at the Monsanto Hungaria plant in Nagyigmánd

Betonfúrás a Monsanto üzemben Nagyigmándon

We had a ferroconcrete drilling job at the Monsanto Hungaria plant in Nagyigmánd, where they manufacture seeds for traditionally bred plants.

In close proximity of each other, we had to drill two holes, 30cm and 50 cm diameter located at the inner wall of the Monsanto warehouse. The installation of the rain gutters and water pipes made concrete drilling → necessary.


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