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Manufacture and Installation of Air Technology Systems

Air Technology

Our company is a competent partner at your disposal in every aspect of air technology systems. We support you in all phases of your projects, from consulting, design and installation to regular maintenance.

Ventilation Systems

There is no insurmountable task for us. From a simple heater and ventilation system to the air conditioning system of an entire building we can provide a solution to every situation. It does not matter whether you are looking for an energy efficient solution for efficient heat exchange, or a high-quality air conditioning and high-precision temperature and humidity control system.

Exhaust systems

We provide solutions for restaurant kitchen exhaust systems, workplace and industrial ventilation, and used air conditioning systems, regardless of whether it is just a simple exhaustion system, or a multi-stage air filtration system that provides separation of gas and dust.

Since we are active in a wide spectrum range of building and energy technology, we can provide you with a cost-effective price and a complete solution to meet all your needs. This means that you can get all components from us, from cooling and heating systems to control technology.

Additional information is available in the downloadable catalogs.

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