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Manufacture and Installation of Air Technology Systems

Air Technology

Our ventilation solutions: we are at your disposal as a competent partner in all aspects of ventilation and support you in all phases of your projects. From consulting, design and installation to regular maintenance of your installations.

Ventilation systems

For us, there is no problem that is insurmountable, whether it is a fan coil unit with a heater, a partial air conditioning system or a complete air conditioning system. Whether you are looking for an energy saving solution with efficient heat recovery, or a high quality air conditioner with high precision temperature and humidity control. 

Exhaust systems

From kitchen extraction for catering, workplace and mechanical extraction, to commercial and industrial exhaust air extraction. Whether it's simple extraction and removal or a multi-stage air filtration system to separate dust and gases.

As we operate across a wide spectrum of building and energy technology, we can provide you with a cost-effective complete solution to your requirements. From cooling generation to steam distillation and control technology, you get all components from a single source.

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