Multisteel Hungary Ltd

Serving the Industry

  • Welding Technology
  • Pressure Holding Vessels Manufacturing and Installation
  • Masonry, Painting and Scaffolding Works
  • Construction Works
  • Concrete Cutting and Drilling
  • Steel Structure Manufacturing and Construction
  • Factory Plant Maintenance

Suppliers and Partners

Our main goal is to cover the Hungarian market with competitive prices. To achieve this, it is indispensable that we choose our suppliers based on the best quality and prices, ensuring optimal economic operation of our company.

For us, it is important to strengthen domestic economy through our activities, so when selecting our partners we take into account whether the company is Hungarian owned with a Hungarian tax number, and preferably distributes Hungarian products on the market.

Our Partners which we appreciate working with:

Fejó-Therm Kft

Website: www.fejotherm.eu

Impact Work Safety Ltd.

Website: www.impactkft.hu


Website: www.supermol.hu

Thermo-per-coop Ltd.

Website: www.thermoeresz.hu

Embros Diamond Technology Ltd.

Website: www.embros.hu

Kemi-Ker Ltd.

Website: www.kemiker.hu

Meiser Ferroste Ltd.

Website: www.ferroste.hu

Cooptim Ltd.

Website: www.cooptim.hu

Vas-szúnyog Ltd.

Website: www.vasszunyog.hu

Contact person: 

Törkő István

  • Törkő István
Ügyvezető Igazgató / Műszaki Igazgató
Istvan Torko VCard

Fehérvári Mária

  • Fehérvári Mária
Ügyvezető Igazgató / Pénzügyi vezető
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