• HVAC Technology
  • Spiral Staircase, Railings
  • Steel Structure Manufacturing and Construction
  • Welding Technology
  • Machinery Installation
  • Concrete Cutting and Drilling
  • Pressure Holding Vessels Manufacturing and Installation

reference work

A selection of reference works of the Multisteel Hungary Kft.

Gastroyal Ltd. ‐ Budapest

Gastroyal Kft referencia
  • Expansion of the gas network system
  • Manufacturing and installation of Stainless steel equipment
  • Installation of kitchen grease separator

Zoltech PLC ‐ Nyergesújfalú

Zoltech Rt referencia
  • Technological piping
  • Construction of energy and compressed air pipelines for the Carbon fiber production machine

PM7 Dunaújváros Paper‐Mill ‐ Dunaújváros

Dunaújvárosi Papírgyár referencia
  • Technological piping
  • Construction of the steam and condensate lines for paper machine No. 7.
  • 6 mm stainless steel plate lining of sieve-water tub (150 m2)

Délhús PLC ‐ Alsómocsolád

Délhús Zrt referencia
  • Technological piping (DN25-DN300)
  • Construction of the cooling and energy piping systems for a four-storey salami ripener tower (carbon steel piping)

Bridgestone Tatabánya Manufacturing Ltd. ‐ Tatabánya

Bridgestone Tatabánya Termelő Kft
  • Technological piping
  • Construction of hydraulic lines
  • Construction of steam and condensate system

Sága Foods PLC ‐ Sárvár

Sága Foods Zrt
  • Technological piping
  • Construction of pipeline for the ammonia refrigeration system

Gallicoop Turkey Processing PLC ‐ Szarvas

Gallicoop húsfeldolgozó
  • Technological piping (DN20-DN80)
  • Cooling system construction (carbon steel piping)

Vajda Paper Ltd. ‐ Budapest

Vajda Papír Kft
  • Technological piping (DN25 to DN80)
  • Construction of air pipes (stainless steel piping)

Richter Gedeon PLC ‐ Budapest

Richter Gedeon Rt
  • Technological piping (DN250-DN350)
  • Installation of the new cooling tower unit
  • Steel construction works in Biochemistry Plant II.
  • Reconstruction of drying room in Biochemistry Plant II.

ISD Dunaferr PLC ‐ Dunaújváros

ISD Dunaferr Zrt
  • Technological piping
  • Construction work of the roll stand in the reversing plant
  • Construction of stainless steel pipelines
  • Manufacture of steel structures and installation of associated  foot grilles

Dunafin Ltd. ‐ Dunaújváros

Referencia Munka
  • Technological piping (DN400)
  • Construction and installation of stainless steel tanks and poles
  • Construction and installation of galvanized pipe supports and columns

Chinoin PLC ‐ Budapest

Referencia Munka
  • Technological piping
  • The development of steam and condensate pipes
  • Renovations in PG factory building No. 830
  • Centrifuge installation in PG factory building No. 830

Egis PLC ‐ Budapest

Egis Nyrt
  • Technological piping
  • Removing fast evaporators in Chemistry plant No. 2 (Fentazin section)
  • Dismantling of equipment and pipes not in use in Chemistry plant No. 2

Dunapack PLC ‐ Budapest

Dunapack Zrt
  • Technological piping
  • Wastewater treatment reactor maintenance

Dreher Brewery PLC ‐ Budapest

Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt
  • Technological piping
  • Stainless steel piping for the new bottling machine,
  • The construction of stainless steel pipes for the boxing plant
  • Conversion work of CIP pipelines for the boxing plant

Dunaferr DWA Cold Rolling Mill Ltd ‐ Dunaújváros

Referencia Munka
  • Technological piping
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel piping installation
  • Installation of stainless steel pipes in the acid regeneration plant
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