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Building a plastic pipeline in the USA

Csabi and Milán in the USA

It often happens that Multisteel Hungary Ltd is asked to go work abroad. Building a plastic pipeline is what got our colleagues into the USA. Their job was to build an ABS plastic pipeline in the city of Jefferson, Georgia, close to the Atlanta metropolis.

They had to glue together 110 and 225 mm diameter pipes at 120 and 140 meters in length in a PET plastic bottling factory. The challenge during this job was the height: they had to work at 3-4 meters, and had to move and glue pipes which were 5 meters in length and 70 kilos in weight.

They attached parts of the pipeline to pumps, assembled T-profiles, and built a bypass return at the end of the factory’s hallway. There was a Belgian and a Hungarian team working on site in full synchronization.

We thank our colleagues Csaba and Milán for their full-hearted approach and the outstanding work quality, the client was very grateful!

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