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Our latest news

Learn the latest technical information on the steel industry and in connection other industrial fields published by Multisteel Hungary Ltd.

Concrete drilling at the Monsanto Hungaria plant in Nagyigmánd

Betonfúrás a Monsanto üzemben Nagyigmándon

We had a ferroconcrete drilling job at the Monsanto Hungaria plant in Nagyigmánd, where they manufacture seeds for traditionally bred plants.

In close proximity of each other, we had to drill two holes, 30cm and 50 cm diameter located at the inner wall of the Monsanto warehouse. The installation of the rain gutters and water pipes made concrete drilling → necessary.

Cutting a Reinforced Concrete Wall 4 meters high in Dunaújváros

Cutting a Reinforced Concrete Wall 4 meters high

We used our HILTI DST 10-E professional industrial diamond concrete cutter and the HILTI DD 350 diamond concrete drill for the first time doing a concrete cutting → and concrete drilling job for our international client who operates a containerboard papermill.

Building a plastic pipeline in the USA

Csabi and Milán in the USA

It often happens that Multisteel Hungary Ltd is asked to go work abroad. Building a plastic pipeline is what got our colleagues into the USA. Their job was to build an ABS plastic pipeline in the city of Jefferson, Georgia, close to the Atlanta metropolis.

They had to glue together 110 and 225 mm diameter pipes at 120 and 140 meters in length in a PET plastic bottling factory. The challenge during this job was the height: they had to work at 3-4 meters, and had to move and glue pipes which were 5 meters in length and 70 kilos in weight.

Hankook investment in Dunaújváros, production line installation

Hankook Tire Hungary logo in Dunaújváros

New production lines have been installed on the freshly built production floor in the Korean-owned Hankook Tire factory in Dunaújváros. The investment is several billion forints, with significant foreseeable capacity increase. More than 900 new jobs can be filled in the summer of 2014.

Multisteel Hungary was asked to install the complete tire processing production lines, and to do the instrumental adjustment jobs at the factory in Dunaújváros.

Concrete Core Drilling in Dunaújváros and surrounding settlements

Concrete Core Drilling with HILTI, REMS and Wacker Neuson tools

Multisteel Hungary Kft, located in Dunaújváros, does not only offer welding technology, but clients can also order concrete cutting and concrete drilling services, not just in Dunaújváros, but in the surrounding settlements as well, such as Baracs, Rácalmás, Perkáta, Nagyvenyim, Mezőfalva, Pálhalma, etc.

When creating holes in concrete, it can happen that the client asks us to install sewage pipes into the building. We created such 150 mm diameter holes while drilling a 43 cm thick concrete wall in the basement of a house in Baracs.

Drumfilter overhaul at Dunacell Kft

Logo of the Dunacell Kft in Dunaújváros

After long discussions and a planning phase, Multisteel Hungary Ltd won the job for the overhaul, relocation, and technological pipe assembly of a drum filter at the Dunacell Kft factory.

The weight of the device is approximately 18 tons, we will solve the challenge of moving it with a crane. Overhauling, sanding and painting the accessories of the device is also part of the job.

Technological pipeline assembly in a Norwegian paper factory

Technological pipeline assembly at a paper factory in Norway

Due to its several year old good relationships, Multisteel Hungary Ltd got another commission in Europe.

Soon our colleagues will take part in the technological pipe assembly and machine maintenance works at a paper factory operating in Norway during the annual maintenance period.

If a Hungarian company is repeatedly asked to do European jobs, that must mean the existence of such positive international relationships that we can continue to build upon in 2014.

Stainless technological pipe assembly at Hamburger Hungária Ltd

Stainless technological pipe assembly

In close competition, Multisteel Hungary Ltd won another job at Hamburger Hungária Ltd in Dunaújváros: the complete execution of the fine sorting technological pipeline assembly. We will use 1.4404 quality pipes.

The welding will be done with AWI technology by our greatly experienced welder colleagues. The diameter of the pipes we will use are 254 mm, 129 mm and 104 mm.

During this job we will also install automatic butterfly valves, flow meter devices, and other fittings.

Technological Plastic Pipe Fitting in Belgium

Technological Plastic Pipe Fitting in Belgium

Multisteel Hungary Kft due to its earlier good connections and the excellent work of our colleagues was able to get a technological plastic pipe fitting job in Belgium.

During this job we will construct pipes from ABS, that will then deliver coolant and other raw materials to the manufacturing technology. The job also includes installing pumps and other devices.

We thank the Client for the latest task, and we wish our colleagues excellent work in the future!

Defending our title in the ISO 9001 quality management system

 ISO 9001 quality management system

Recently, Multisteel Hungary Ltd managed to defend its title in the ISO 9001 quality management system. We also had it audited. This is a very important point for our company, since this ensures we can continue to serve our clients on a high level.


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